Application and Admission Process

An application form must be purchased from the admissions office, and completed. Completed applications with other relevant admission requirement must be submitted at the admissions office. Supporting documents required before enrollment:

  • Completed and signed enrollment form
  • We organise educational travel for our pupils to give them exposure and broaden their horizen. Parents are encouraged to sign-on their children to as many of these tours as is possible.
  • A copy of student’s last term/quarter report card
  • Medical information form


Parents are to provide adequate information concerning their ward’s health and must inform the school if the pupil has any known medical condition, health challenge, allergy, physical disability or will be unable to take part in games or other sporting activities or has been diagnosed with an infectious disease.

Medical Expenses: Payment for these costs will be taken from the student’s medical deposit account.

Special Needs

While we are open to receiving all kinds of children, a child may be denied admission if, in the opinion of the school, it cannot provide adequately for a pupil’s special educational needs.


We attach importance to courtesy, integrity, manners and good discipline. Parents must warrant that their wards will participate fully in the activities of the school, will attend classes every day, be punctual, work hard, be well-behaved and will comply with the school’s rule on the wearing of uniform.

Leaving School Premises: A pupil is required to obtain permission before leaving the school premises during the course of a school day. Boarding pupils are required to provide details of mode of travel and the address and a contact telephone number where the pupil can be contacted when not on school premises.

Liability and Insurance: Parents are required to take out their own private insurance to cover all personal belongings and cash of their wards. Every insurance must be arranged prior to arrival at the school.

Pupils’ Personal Property: Pupils are responsible for the security and safe use of all personal property and are responsible for ensuring that all such property is clearly marked with their name for identification.

Fees and Payments

KG/Reception (3-6yrs) Fees per term

Registration Tuition Books Boarding Total
$150 $300 $150 $1100 $1700

Primary (5-12yrs) Fees per term

Registration Tuition Books Boarding Total
$200 $400 $250 $1100 $1950

Lower Secondary/JHS 1 & 2 (11-14yrs) Fees per term

Registration Tuition Books Boarding Total
$250 $500 $350 $1300 $2400

Certificate Programme-3/6/9 months (18-25yrs) Fees per term

Registration Tuition Books Boarding Total
French + Spanish + Food & Tourism/Hotel & Tourism + Internship Cost (every 3 months) $150 $300 $300 $1300 $2050

Payment of fees may be made in any convertible currency at the going rate of the day. Fees may be paid in cash at the office or by deposits into the account provided by the school.

Fees are non-refundable for all students under all circumstances.

Due to limited boarding space, interested parents must reserve spaces early by completing all fees payment to enable the school allocate beds for students.

Loss of school books or equipment or damage done by a pupil, other than fair wear and tear, will be separately invoiced and be paid by parent/guardian.