Welcome to Ecole Bilingue, Edulingua, in Accra-Ghana

Ecole Bilingue, Edulingua, is a small family-run bilingual montessori school in New Achimota Accra. Our small size ensures maximum personalised attention for all our children.

We use a combination of British (Cambridge) and Ghanaian National curricula and provide a career and futuristic education that is trilingual and global. As a bilingual school, English and French are the languages of instruction right from Nursery.

Spanish is added as a third language as the children progress to Kindergarten.

Based on the options we offer, parents have the priviledge of choosing between day or boarding options for their wards.

Ecole Bilingue offers more than education. What we offer is a platform that seeks to build families, a community and a world where our children will thrive in every endeavour and be able to hold their own. Hence, our moto: Ecole Bilingue,... Raising Global Leaders!

Bilingual education: The added advantage

Bilingual education is the use of two languages in school – by teachers and learners for all purposes.

Right from pre-school, teaching and instruction are done in both languages. Children begin by speaking their national language (English or French) and gradually pick up words and phrases in the other language.

Research has shown that bilingualism, the ability to communicate in two languages, gives children social, linguistic and cognitive advantages over their peers. Bilingually educated children have been shown to read at a higher level than children educated in only one language.

Bilinguals, people who communicate in two languages, are comfortable in a multi-cultural environment and are more tolerant and open-minded towards people of other cultures and languages.

A bilingual education prepares children for a multinational career.

Enroll your child(ren) now with Ecole Bilingue, Edulingua, and give them a heads-start in life.