About Us


Proprietress/Head saying welcome in many different ways

Ecole Bilingue, Edulingua, is a subsidiary of Legistis Sellas Ventures, a company with a rich and versatile experience in Language training, Education, Travel, Immigration and Tourism, Hospitality and Relocation.

Ecole Bilingue Edulingua is a family owned and run day and boarding school offering the British (Cambridge programme) and Ghanaian curricula in a bilingual setting. English and French are used to teach with Spanish as a third language.

Ecole Bilingue Edulingua offers more than education; we are building a family and a community where your child will thrive in every endeavour and develop as a part of the global world.

The school started in 2014 and operates in the cosy home of the Founder and Head of School in a quiet neighbourhood in New Achimota, Accra. The school is run by a dedicated team with over forty (40) years of combined relevant experience in the education and training of children.

We offer round-the-year admission to French, Spanish as well as English speaking pupils from 1-15 years from all ethnic and religious backgrounds providing them with a multi-cultural and supportive learning environment. Boarding is open to children aged 8 to 15 years.

We continue to celebrate culture and diversity and try to foster global awareness through the multicultural environment that our school offers.

Based on Christian ethos, we encourage our children to develop values such as respect, generosity, honesty and the acceptance of all regardless of differences.


At Ecole Bilingue, we consider that language learning is not an end in itself, or just a subject. Language is a medium through which we learn. Right from nursery, children are taught both in French and English.

Our aim is to inspire a passion for learning, encourage emotional and intellectual vitality, and empower our children to grow with confidence and courage in order to contribute to the global community.